Lady Labrador’s Chesapeake Anniversary

By . September 3rd, 2015. Posted in Other Stuff
Chessie, feeling right at home

Chessie, feeling right at home

Chessie, our 11-year old Labrador retriever, is a bundle of joy wrapped in (shedding) yellow fur. Every morning she wakes up with her wagging tail in full gear. Breakfast, a walk, a car ride…all are among the many reasons to celebrate the moment. Her eyes shine, her front feet bounce up and down, and her ears keep time with her feet. It’s adorable.

For Mike and me, today’s “hoppy dances” are even more heartwarming than usual. We’re celebrating the first anniversary of Chessie’s adoption, and what a year it’s been. As we watch her nose constantly reading the latest sniff of the ground or whiff of scented air, we appreciate the many ways our senior girl has learned the fun of just being a dog.

When we arrived home last September 3, Chessie avoided walking on the grass (!). A bit of coaxing finally drew her into the soft, green stuff…ah, if felt so good on the paws. Once inside, she looked at the two awaiting dog beds, then settled onto the wooden floor. After several days of repeat behavior, Mike decided to crawl into one of the them and invite Chessie in…and she has relaxed in her comfy beds ever since.

Cool grass on a hot day

Cool grass on a hot day

Love my bed

Love my bed

Gator rides with Mike, bunny chases, abundant (healthy) food, a flower to adorn her collar…these and many other happy moments have brought the three of us to this first-year anniversary. When Mike and I adopted Chessie, we knew we would give this deserving senior a loving home. We now also realize how much our lady Lab has infused our own lives with her resilient, quirky, astute, funny, and loving spirit. We are a lucky family!

Going for a Gator ride

Going for a Gator ride

Happy adoption anniversary, Chessie!

Happy adoption anniversary, Chessie!

Chessie came to us through Lab Rescue, a wonderful local organization that always has many Labs, including seniors, in foster care awaiting adoption. Check them out at the Lab Rescue website.


  1. Wayne
    2:29 pm on 9/3/15

    We just can’t give our dogs enough love to pay them back for all they give us in joy and memories! Absolutely priceless!

  2. Ann Engelman
    7:28 pm on 9/3/15

    Oh Kathy. . .i’m all blubbery. . .the Chessie girl has been a real sweetie.
    What a testament to patience and love. I had forgotten about Mike crawling into the dog bed and inviting her in.
    Thinking of you and Mike and Chessie.
    Very hot and humid here. . .
    Staying in mostly, except for this morning. I hired a gardener to help me clear and replant a bed. Everything is pretty unhappy but next spring they will be very happy!
    Love to you!

  3. Andrea
    6:58 am on 9/4/15

    A wonderful and fitting tribute. The photos capture how happy Chessie’s life is now. And I’m going to meet her next week!!!

  4. Kathy
    10:42 am on 9/4/15

    So true, Wayne! Give your two beautiful pups an extra treat for me.
    Ann, I will always love the pic of you brushing Chessie, surrounded by enough dog fur to make another dog! Thanks for loving her.
    Andrea, I can’t wait for you to meet her! She had a perfect anniversary day.

  5. Tracy
    6:29 pm on 9/15/15

    Just about as perfect as life can get; the love of a family, unmistakably PERFECT! <3

  6. Kathy
    3:40 pm on 9/17/15

    Thanks, Tracy. Chessie has added so much to our family, and she has blossomed in our home. I’m glad you enjoyed her anniversary story.

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