Yes, the Heron Ate the Whole Flounder!

By . August 10th, 2016. Posted in Photography
Don't worry, I've got this!

Don’t worry, I’ve got this!

A Great Blue Heron on the prowl is a magnificent sight. One stealthy step at a time, he carefully stalks his prey. And when he strikes, it’s all over for his captive…no matter how mis-matched the two may appear.

This fellow with the very large flounder in his beak landed briefly at our water’s edge…long enough for me to grab my camera and capture the moment. Then in one gulp, he swallowed the whole fish (!) and was on his way. While we are blessed with frequent heron visits, I may never again see one gobble a fish that big. It’s one of my favorite shots, and also the introduction to a new photo section on our website.

We’ve added the Chesapeake Seasons Photography gallery. We’re just beginning to post photos on the cover page, and are also building individual pages for ospreys and other birds; monarchs and other butterflies and moths; wildlife creatures; plants; sunsets; dogs; and a medley of whatever isn’t covered by the other categories. The themed pages are available as a pull-down menu from the Chesapeake Seasons Photography link in the top banner. You can visit the gallery here.

No longer confined to blog posts, the photos now have a home of their own…where visitors are always welcome!


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