Our Company, Our Home

Chesapeake Seasons is both a business and a sense of place.  Now, it is also a website that encompasses both.

Our home — the Chesapeake Bay — has been an intrinsic part of our lives together.  The peninsula where we live and work provides a sweeping view of the Chesapeake’s waters, wildlife, vistas, and terrain, all of which change dramatically with the flow of the seasons.  These natural rhythms have become our own, as we eagerly await the arrival of ospreys in March or witness a November sunset’s purple hues reflecting on the water.

Our business — Chesapeake Seasons LLC — was launched in 2003 to provide strategic and editorial services to various television, production, and media companies. We have advised clients on business expansion; audience behavior; content creation; and other corporate priorities.  Clients have included Hoff Productions, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Communications, TV One, Acorn Media, PBS, CTVC, and NOVA.



For more background, read Mike Quattrone’s Professional Biography and Kathy Quattrone’s Professional Biography.

Our website — chesapeakeseasons.com — begins at home.  The Chesapeake Bay is one of the world’s largest and most breathtaking estuaries…a 10,000-year-old gift from the last ice age.  It’s a vast arena for the curious (that’s us), and an endless opportunity to explore the Chesapeake’s iconic wildlife, plants, natural phenomena, and history.

Curiosity often leads us beyond the Chesapeake as well, and our chesapeakeseasons.com blogs also incorporate observations about everything from a cool TV concept to a blazing exploding star. Check the Categories list to explore our assorted postings.