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Lady Labrador’s Chesapeake Anniversary

By . September 3rd, 2015. Posted in Other Stuff

Chessie, our 11-year old Labrador retriever, is a bundle of joy wrapped in (shedding) yellow fur. Every morning she wakes up with her wagging tail in full gear. Breakfast, a walk, a car ride…all are among the many reasons to celebrate the moment. Her eyes shine, her front feet bounce up and down, and her ears keep time with her feet. It’s adorable. For Mike and me, today’s “hoppy dances” are even more heartwarming than usual. We’re celebrating the first anniversary of Chessie’s adoption, and what a year it’s been. … Read More

Happy 2013 and Welcome!

. January 2nd, 2013. Posted in Other Stuff

  A new year, a new website…Chesapeake Seasons.  The name represents both our company and our home, and now integrates both into . Our home — the Chesapeake Bay — has been an intrinsic part of our lives together.  Our business — Chesapeake Seasons LLC — was launched in 2003 to provide strategic and editorial services to television, production, and media companies.  Check out About Us for more information.     To develop , we collaborated with two very talented designers.  Gil Cowley, a colleague from our time with Discovery Communications, created … Read More

Holiday Boo 2012

By . December 22nd, 2012. Posted in Other Stuff

Our holiday sentiments this year are captured in Boo’s seasonal photo, featured on the cards sent to family and friends.  We’ve made him work for his goodies in past years (see Holiday Boo for a sampling), but this year’s snoozing pup matched our simple message of “Peace.”  Happy holidays to all, and best wishes for 2013. … Read More

Welcome to Chesapeake Seasons!

. December 5th, 2012. Posted in Other Stuff

Check out About Us and our new blogs. Happy holidays! … Read More

Holiday Boo

By . November 30th, 2012. Posted in Other Stuff

Among the “wildlife” inhabiting our Chesapeake peninsula is our aging but rambunctious Labrador retriever, Boo. Ever happy, always up for a goodie, our gray-muzzled fellow can find adventure in every whiff of a Chesapeake breeze. During the holidays, Boo has been the frequent star of our cards for family and friends. There was Reindeer Boo… Santa Boo… and Clever Boo… This year’s version is in production…check back later for the unveiling. … Read More