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Lovely, Lonely Osprey

By . July 1st, 2016. Posted in Wildlife

Spring arrived with the usual flurry of osprey wings, nest-building, and overhead territorial squabbles. The July 4th holiday, however, finds us without the anticipated flourishing osprey family. As we look toward the water, the lovely female osprey sits alone on her empty nest. Our osprey pair seemed to get an early start on nesting season, with Mike diligently doing his usual carry-branches-to-the-shoreline routine to help them along. Then the winds came. The starter nest was blown completely from the platform, so off went the birds to find more branches (and … Read More

“Teenage” Ospreys Spread Their Wings

By . August 27th, 2015. Posted in Wildlife

Like mother, like daughter…osprey style. The youngster (on the left) is almost as big as her mother, and definitely a look-alike. As with human parents, August is emptying-the-nest month for ospreys. The raptors, however, must prepare their young for a journey of thousands of miles. Solo. Each of our four ospreys will fly its own path to a winter home in South America. For a juvenile who has barely left her baby fluff behind, it’s a daunting rite of passage. Our two osprey chicks took their first flights only a … Read More

Osprey Family Portrait

By . July 13th, 2015. Posted in Wildlife

Here they are, this summer’s osprey family. Dad is perched on the left and Mama on the right, with their two chicks nestled beneath them. The portrait was taken following a feeding, so everyone was full and willing to pose. Every year, the ospreys amaze us. Nothing overwhelms the intrepid parents…not ominous wind and hail, interloping herons and eagles, or noisy jet skis and firecrackers. Mama spreads her wings and covers her babies whenever she senses a threat. Dad, who is often elsewhere fishing, zooms out of nowhere if he … Read More

Potted Wrens

By . July 1st, 2015. Posted in Wildlife

For the second summer, our ingenious wren neighbors have built their nest among the flowers on the front porch. As Mike and I were planting the containers this spring, we reminisced about last year’s family ( their babies are here ). Watching the five fluffy babies explore the world outside their coleus “forest” was delightful, and perfectly timed. We noticed this year’s nest as construction began. The male and female wrens are co-builders, and we watched them hopping in and out of the container with nesting material in their beaks. In fact, the pair … Read More

Musings on a Lab Named Boo

By . June 19th, 2015. Posted in Wildlife

Boo, our well-loved and much-missed yellow Lab, had a special rapport with his fellow creatures. Mike and I have been musing about this and other Boo-isms as we arrive at the anniversary of his sad goodbye. Our gregarious Boo made a friend of every human and dog he met. His vibe with the local wildlife, however, was distinctly Cowardly-Lion-ish. He had an urgent “BARK!!” for deer, and an annoyed “Huffffffff” for a flock of geese honking overhead. Boo would even give a half-hearted chase to impress the invading bunny in … Read More