Chesapeake Seasons Photography

A sunset comes and goes in a matter of minutes. A monarch chrysalis exists for several days. Osprey chicks are raised in a summer. Much of the extraordinary life around us is even more ephemeral than we are. But our cameras have been busy!

Welcome to the Chesapeake Seasons Photography gallery. You’re on the cover page, which features a sampling from our library. Other gallery pages offer photos of ospreys and other birds; monarchs and other butterflies and moths; wildlife creatures; plants; sunsets; dogs; and a medley of whatever isn’t covered by the other categories. These themed pages are available as a pull-down menu from the Chesapeake Seasons Photography link in the top banner. You can click or touch any photo to enlarge it.

From our Chesapeake Seasons collection of photographs, here are some of our favorite captured moments. All photos were shot and edited by Kathy or Mike. For questions and rights information, contact us here.